Young Adult

Vicious Little Darlings by Katherine Easer

I didn’t like this one too much.  The main character Sarah was an unlikeable skank, and the book was mostly really boring – the build up of Sarah’s relationship with Agnes and Maddy took forever.  The good stuff happened a few chapters after the fawn died.  I never was able to muster up any sympathy or caring for Sarah at all.  I thought the relationship between Agnes and Maddy was far more interesting.  I only finished it to see how many random strangers Sarah would sleep with (only two; three if you count the random person she slept with in high school).  I don’t know what it is with authors and their penchant for writing distinctly unlikeable characters – this whole casual sex thing is a rather contrived character flaw.  Not only a contrived character flaw, but a half-assed character flaw that also seems to be some sort of political statement.  I dunno.  I just think there’s a difference between truly flawed characters and truly unlikeable characters with a boatload of very bad habits and characteristics.

The ending was also really sad.  I think this book was marketed as a paranormal young adult novel, but there wasn’t anything really paranormal about it, other than the possibility of Maddy casting a spell on Sarah to make her chubby.

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