Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer

by Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer

I don’t know how anyone can be pro-abortion after reading this, or the grand jury’s report. I’ve read both, obviously. It’s harrowing and shocking. A political party that just loves regulation and government intervention conveniently decides that both are bad whenever it comes to abortion.

As someone who is for limited government, even I must admit that some regulations are necessary. The Gosnell murder case is an excellent example of that. Putting aside the morality of abortion for a minute, how could one possibly be okay with the notion that dirty, filthy clinics full of unqualified must be acceptable simply so that “access” to abortion isn’t “denied”? Don’t these women deserve to be treated properly? They don’t go to these clinics to become permanently sterile, yet that’s what happened when Gosnell “performed” abortions on these women.

The book covers pretty much every aspect of the investigation and trial. Even though I pretty much knew what happened, it was still a compelling read. You are left with no doubt that Gosnell was guilty and that he is precisely where he belongs.

I noticed some typos and misspellings in my copy…I’ve been noticing this in a lot of book releases lately. It’s not something that cannot be corrected, and it does not detract from the story too much.

Every time I see that little family on the front of 3801 Lancaster, I get sad. The little icon is just so Orwellian. People don’t go to these places to start a family. They go there to destroy them.

“Dirty Sexy Politics” by Meghan McCain

Let’s not get into how I got this book.  Last year, I put a copy on my iPad, and in the middle of reading it I wrote the first draft of this review.  I’ve already read two blistering reviews of this hot mess and I have to say that both reviewers are right on the money (the first is at the New Ledger and the other is at News Real).

As one reviewer mentioned, the grammar and punctuation is awful.  She does indeed use commas way too much and does not use other forms of punctuation where she should (such as semi colons, colons, and dashes) and on a couple of occasions she used a dash where it was not needed.

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