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I have decided that I simply must write something about the book (well, one of many) I am currently reading. It is called Dear Bully and it’s a collection of essays written by various young adult authors. The forward was written by Ellen Hopkins and, predictably, she blames this culture of bullying on conservative pundits (but never mentions them by name nor does she even mention the word “conservative”) and people concerned about Muslim terrorism.

I was not surprised. As I and any other informed conservative knows, 98% of the people working in the entertainment industry are liberals.

That being said, I am not happy about this. This collection of essays is pure propaganda aimed at demonizing conservatives by blaming them for something that’s been happening since the beginning of time. Not everybody can or will get along with one another. That’s on a variety of levels – kids fighting over toys, parents disagreeing on how to discipline their kids, people disliking a coworker all the way up to war. I don’t approve of bullying but I am not about to act as if this is a new phenomenon simply because a handful of allegedly gay teenagers killed themselves this year.

I was bullied too. Bullied for being fat and introverted. I admit that I could have handled it better. I was an asshole back in high school because I was bullied. I tried to fight back. Wish I had tried harder. Oh well. Anyway, I think these kids should be allowed to fight back. Sadly, they get into trouble if they do.

Oh, and what about bullying on the part of prominent liberals? There’s the nasty character assasination of beauty pageant contestant Carrie Prejean over her answer to a question regarding “gay marriage” and there’s the media’s vicious attacks on the entire Palin family, including little Trig, who has Down’s Syndrome. Then there’s the juvenile Google bombing of Rick Santorum thanks to that raging hypocrite Dan Savage (who also stated that he wanted to rape Santorum…and liberals are supposed to be the smart, enlightened, compassionate ones…nothing is more compassionate than anal rape, amirite?) and now we have the “Uncle Tom” slurs directed towards Herman Cain (I am reading his latest too). None of these people deserved the vitriol thrown their way, not even if they’re in “positions of power”, which is how one random liberal defended the Google bombing of Santorum. As far as I’m concerned, it’s still bullying. It also sets a bad example – that it’s okay to act this way towards someone you disagree with. Debate and discussion is fine, but insults and threats are not.

Plus, you want to talk about incendiary pundits? Let’s talk about the vicious things said by Mike Malloy, Montel Williams and Randi Rhodes. I might elaborate on these miscreants later, but check them out at the Media Research Center if you want to know more.

There’s a lot more I can say, but it’s late. I am tired and I have work to do tomorrow. If there are any misspellings it’s due to the fact that I am typing this on my iPad’s on-screen keyboard.

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