Science Fiction

The Orion Plan by Mark Alpert


So, at the risk of spoiling everything, here’s what I gathered from this book:

Collectivist, hive-mind alien slime mold sends an AI probe to Earth, at first, to make initial contact, etc.  A former NASA scientist, Dr. Sarah Pooley sees the probe about to crash land in NYC and rushes off to the closet Air Force base.  A homeless guy, Joe Graham, has been sleeping near where the probe lands.  Dorothy…can’t remember her last name, but she is a cancer-stricken former vicar who distributes food to the homeless.  And the author’s weapon against evil whitey, Dominican wannabe gang banger Emilio Martinez comes across Joe and the probe and decides he wants to make some money off of it.

All but Dr. Pooley are infected by the probe, and all are used by the probe’s intelligent software program, of which it calls itself the Emissary, to prepare for the resurrection of the alien beings that created the probe — the alien slime mold, or the First People.

Of course, the US military is on the hunt for it, and of course, every member of the Air Force and the Army is stupid and wants to blow shit up.  Of course, Emilio is portrayed as a hero – hell, the alien slime mold thinks he’s awesome – all the while going on and on about evil whitey and how he wants to get revenge on them.  Emilio comes across as really fucking racist to me, not a hero, but whatever.

The Emissary chose Joe Graham to be its human translator, but as it turns out, the Emissary lied to him.  They didn’t come in peace.  They came to colonize the planet, just as they did to another planet in its solar system, because the Second People from the Second Planet (battle worms, basically) annihilated the First Planet.  So the probe comes to Earth to prepare our planet as their new home.

At first, I was really enjoying this.  I started to get suspicious with the introduction of Emilio, the junior Trinitarios and their hatred for white people.  Hell, there’s even a gay scene between Emilio and another gang member.  It’s got everything liberals love:

1.  Smart female doctor who basically predicts everything the alien does.
2.  Stupid US general that is hot-headed and chauvinistic.
3.  Heroic brown-skinned people stickin’ it to whitey
4.  Aliens that are superior because they’re collectivists trapped in a giant hive-mind.
5.  The aliens invading and colonizing Earth much in the same way eeeevil whitey did to the Americas.
6.  The allusion to the notion that humans deserve to be rendered extinct because of all the horrible things they’ve done to the planet via pollution (but for the aliens to make Earth into their home by changing the ecosystem…nuthin’ wrong with that).

Jesus people.  Can you try to be a little more original?  I loved all the science aspects – the bioengineering, the nanotechnology, etc.  It’s all very good, but there’s too much SJW-ness in it for me to ever reread it.  That is disappointing, but not surprising.  I also have to note that at least Emilio’s crew were horrified at being forced to kill using those particle-beam weapons embedded in their arms.  They are just pawns, kind of like how “people of color” are today – nothing more than the pawns of power hungry white Democrats.  Only, at least the junior Trinitarios know it and cannot help it.  Can’t say the same about these “people of color” Democrats.  Of course, Emilio doesn’t give a shit if whitey has to run for their lives, but when he sees “his” people running for their lives along with the hated whitey, then, all of a sudden, La Madre is a lyin’ ass bitch.

Who are the racists again?  Cuz it ain’t whitey.

I find this kind of stuff to be incredibly inspiring.  I love reading the opposition’s stuff.  It keeps my mind sharp, and gives me more motivation to finish my own novel, of which will probably challenge a great deal of liberal orthodoxy.
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